The electric refrigeration system is a necessary system for factories and industrial plants with production lines that require large and high capacity chillers. The buildings and office buildings also need refrigeration systems to install air conditioning system for the purpose of use. Electric refrigeration systems must be designed reasonably and clearly to optimize their usability, which greatly reduces the energy source and extends the life of refrigeration equipment.

The electrical and refrigeration system

The role of electric refrigeration system

Electric refrigeration system is a system of producing cold air with high capacity to cool things or store food. These systems must ensure that they run smoothly throughout the day to ensure business conditions. Therefore, the power supply to the power supply system also needs to be sufficiently supplied to the system. Electric refrigeration systems are very popular for food factories, restaurants, hotels due to the preservation of food materials properly. Electric refrigeration systems are often found in the seafood processing industry, processing frozen food, fresh food, vegetables, etc.

electrical and refrigeration system


Structure of electric refrigeration system.

The electric refrigeration systemconsists of two sources: a cold source and a hot source (hotter than the surrounding environment). The refrigerant’s cold source is always used as the main purpose, the demand for refrigeration will be met by the operation of the compressor system. Electric refrigeration systems are divided into two main types: mechanical refrigerators that use the engine as a compressor to operate, air conditioners use a permeable solvent to produce heat. Electric motor refrigeration systems are usually more efficient than air conditioning systems using the type of osmosis. However, each type of electrical power system has different pros and cons. Machine edge motor runs better and looks more compact, but often dependent on power to compress. At the same time, the electrolytic refrigeration system using osmotic liquids is less motive but the size also takes up more space, due to the direct use of input energy such as oil and gas, coal that makes it independent on electricity.

hệ thống điện điện lạnh

Refrigeration equipment used in electric refrigeration system.

On the market there are quite a lot of quality refrigeration equipment and machines to serve the design of electric refrigeration system. Depending on the needs and the size of the design, the refrigeration equipment is very diverse in structure and price for the enterprise can choose the appropriate equipment.

– Freeze-in contact

– ventilation system

– IQF freezing system

– Baking cooling system

– Air conditioning system

– Distribution system ice, rocks and flakes

– Wind freezing system (wind freezer and wind tunnel)

– Cold storage and cool store in seafood processing, health care, fruit and vegetable, milk cream, beer, beverage, … with capacity of 1MT – 1000MT and temperature from -300C to 150C.

– The system for monitoring and controlling the stages in the refrigeration system

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