Nowadays, some of the fires and explosions are caused by negligence in cooking or improper use of electrical appliances. However, there are also some random accident as fire caused by natural disaster, lightning or an electrical short circuit or affected by the fire from the surrounding area. All will lead to damage to people and property unintended so to avoid losses regrettable, it is necessary to take measures such as grandparents often say “prevent is better than fix” with fire alarm systems and fire lighting, pay careful attention to the cooking, operation in the factory, construction.

Precautions for fire and explosion: Take care to cook and lock the appliance after every use

  1. Do not allow children to play around or contact with combustible equipment
  2. Keep flammable objects away from fire
  3. Grounding for machinery, storage tanks, storage hoses, petrol pipelines.
  4. Do not stretch the wire and hang the wire on the wire.
  5. Using circuit breaker, fuse automatically disconnect when there is power failure
  6. Lightning torpedo.
  7. Regularly check the temperature of the power consumption equipment, check the sheath, insulate the wire, if there is overload, correct immediately.
  8. Electrical leakage testing equipment should be available in homes, offices, offices, factories
  9. When a bomb is found buried in the ground (due to residual war), it should not be approached by the bomb or automatically impact it, but should be dealt with to avoid sudden explosion and damage to human and of.
  10. In areas of production workshops, especially wood, paper, chemicals that are prone to fire, there should be strict regulations to prevent unfortunate risks.
  11. Inspection and maintenance of fire alarm and firefighting system periodically to ensure the criteria according to the regulations of the authorities, inspection of the fire alarm system often make sure they still work well in the event of trouble.
  12. Residential areas and high rise buildings in the event of fire will seriously affect people’s lives because it is difficult to find a way out, so the installation of fire alarm and fire fighting systems is the most important asset protection of the organization. Or family

Advantages when installing fire alarm and fire

  • Timely forecasting when there are unintended incidents and extinguishing fires
  • Smoke detectors, fire detectors, heat detectors, …. When an abnormality is detected, it transmits a fire alarm to the central processing unit and generates a fire warning signal such as a bell, siren, etc. The timely warning of this system will contribute to We can quickly find a way to respond as soon as we know of a problem and run to escape, calling for rescue from fire rescue organizations.
  • At the same time, it also activates the automatic fire suppression system to extinguish the fire to avoid damaging human and property damage

The shortcomings and violations of the quality of fire prevention and fighting equipment, especially for high-rise buildings, are as follows:
The quality of fire protection systems and equipment is very important, which directly affects the fire safety conditions of the building.

Through inspection of fire safety in some high buildings, there are many shortcomings and mistakes related to the quality of fire alarm and fire fighting system:

  • Do not design, install fire alarm system automatically as specified standards.
  • There is no water storage tank for firefighting, or there are but in common with domestic water tanks and not enough storage capacity as standard of regulation. The water supply to the reservoir is weak, not sufficient to provide adequate fire fighting water for 24 hours.
  • There is no fixed fire pump station (only a mobile petrol pump), not equipped with necessary fire-fighting and rescue equipment.
  • There are fire pumps but do not guarantee the flow, pressure to fire in high tiers. Some water-jet fireworks design works from the roof water tank, so there is no guarantee of flow and pressure to pump water above, especially for the top floor.
  • Arrange the throat of fire fighting water does not meet the requirements, each fire point must have two throats sprayed to …
  • Only one ventilator escapes, but the staircase is open, does not guarantee fire protection, smoke protection or a closed chamber design, but there is no elevator pressure regulating system, Anti-smoke requirements in the elevator.
  • There are no lighting systems in case of breakdowns and emergency exits. There is only one power source for fire hydrants, no additional backup power or backup generators.
  • Fire doors do not guarantee the standard fire resistance. The quality of suppliers of fire alarm and fire fighting systems does not meet the requirements: fire alarms or fake alarms are inactive after a period of use; Fire-fighting water pipes are broken, broken or leaking, unable to maintain the pressure to bring water to fire as required; Fire pumps or damaged, malfunction, weak pumping power; Incident lighting system often damages the battery after a period of time, etc.

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